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Episode 9: Become the Best Advocate for Your Children - DeJunne' Clark Jackson

Episode Summary

Teaching our child how to advocate for themselves starts with how we advocate for them. It's a fact that we don't know everything; despite that fact it shouldn't turn into a reason not too. If you believe it or not, your child is watching you closely learning and soaking up good & bad habits on how to deal with the harshness of this world. Today, I'm speaking with Educational Therapist DeJunne' Clark Jackson on how to use self awarness to advocate for our children. Moms, dads, this is an episode you want to listen with pen and paper for note taking. If you're not in a position to take notes now definitely listen a second time with your pen and notepad. For more information go to Learning and Fundamental Education on

Episode Notes

Key Points:

How to become the best advocate for your child when you're feeling intimidated?

How to use self awareness to become the best advocate for our children?

How to recognize your child's learning challenges and what you can do as a parent?

How to partner with your child on their educational journey?

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